Atrazine Resistance

Atrazine Resistance



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Primary Traits Atrazine Resistance
Genotypes anl/anl - Anthocyaninless, (Tzr) - Cytoplasmic Atrazine Resistance
Phenotypes Anthocyaninless, Atrazine Resistance


Plants of stock 1-156 grow normally under exposure of leaves or roots to concentrations of Atrazine herbicide that rapidly kills standard Rbr lacking the (tzr) gene. Tzr is conferred through a mutation in the chloroplastic genome and transmitted uniparentally through the cytoplasm of the egg. (Tzr) plants are fully fertile.

Plants of 1-156 appear clear green with no purple pigment (anthocyanin) on stems, leaves, or other plant parts including the seed coat, Anl. Seed coat is yellow, Ysc1. The genetic background of 1-107 is selected for moderately high expression of purple anthocyanin, Pan (6).

See Image: Atrazine resistant plants next to atrazine susceptible plants, grown under exposure to atrazine.

Check out a time-lapse video to see the growth of Atrazine resistant stock 1-156 alongside atrazine susceptible stock 1-033 Standard.

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