About RCBC

The Rapid Cycling Brassica Collection, RCBC, is the research division of the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Plant Pathology, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Our research seed collection and operations are located on the UW-Madison campus. We are a small operation. In addition to providing quality seed and information for researchers, the Collection supports an undergraduate internship position that provides a unique opportunity for learning with Dr. Paul Williams and others about plant breeding.

The mission of the RCBC is to curate and make available to researchers key seed stocks of Rapid Cycling Brassicas with their genotypic and phenotypic descriptions.

Our goal is to effectively support research that uses Rapid Cycling Brassicas as model organisms.

Who we are:

Paul Williams, the founder of Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa (Wisconsin Fast Plants) has for over 30 years and continues to breed Rapid Cycling Brassicas. Paul is the lead curator of the RCBC. 
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Hedi Baxter Lauffer is the Director of the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program and oversees the RCBC.
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Dan Lauffer, past RCBC curator, continues to advise the Collections breeding program and seed bank operations.
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Jackson Hetue is the RCBC's research specialist and collection curator. Jackson maintains the Collection's inventory database and manages operations associated with seed orders in addition to his work with maintaining the Collection's seed bank.
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