Cytoplasmic Male Sterile, Ogura

Cytoplasmic Male Sterile, Ogura



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1-030 Cytoplasmic Male Sterile, Ogura
One unit contains 100 seeds.

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Primary Traits Cytoplasmic Male Sterile
Genotypes (Mst) - Cytoplasmic Male Sterile
Phenotypes Male Sterile


Flowers lack pollen. Stamens are filamentous or petaloid. Emerging growth is pale green, eventually becoming green. Plants are less vigorous than standard. Plants are functionally female. Rbr nucleus is substituted in ‘Ogura’ cytoplasmic male sterile Raphanus sativus cytoplasm. Genome is R1aa. R1 confers total male sterility due to mutation in the mitochondrial genome of the Raphanus. Any male fertile B. rapa can be used as a maintainer, however, stock 1-067, Pan (8), Hir (5) is used as the recurrent maintainer, thus purple anthocyanin expression is strong and hairs on leaves and stems are intermediate and variable in number.

See Image: Flowers expressing Male Sterility 1