High Anthocyanin Expression, Male Sterile

High Anthocyanin Expression, Male Sterile



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1-055 High Anthocyanin Expression, Male Sterile
One unit contains 100 seeds.

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Primary Traits Anthocyanin Expression, Male Sterile
Genotypes ANL/ANL - Anthocyanin Expression, mst2/mst2 - Male Sterile
Phenotypes Anthocyanin Expression, Male Sterile


Stock 1-055, Mst2, Pan (8), Hir (5), is a male sterile equalivent of stock 1-067.

Plants of 1-055 have strong expression of purple anthocyanin on the hypocotyl, cotyledons, stems, leaves, hydathodes, sepal tips and anther spots, Pan (8). Seed color is brown with the exception of a low percentage (<10%) of seeds having yellow seed coats, Ysc2. Yellow seed coat, Ysc2, in stock 1-055, is conditioned by a few genes (oligogenic), none of which are allelic to anl.

The intensity of Pan expression varies, Pan (0-9), and is increased by light, nutrient and water stress, low temperature and other environmental factors. Pan appears to be quantitatively inherited and may be quantified by scaling, using a color comparator scale, Pan (0-9). There appear to be some major genes or loci that appear to influence the intensity and location of Pan expression, e.g. on the cotyledons, hydathodes, sepal tips and style.

Plants of 1-055 have been selected to have numerous hairs on stems and leaves. Hir is quantitatively inherited and may be determined by scaling Hir (0-9) or direct count. Hairs on leaf margins can be easily counted.

Stock 1-055 can be used as the maternal parent in crosses with stocks containing mutant phenotypes.

Approximately 50% of 1-055 plants will be male sterile, Mst2, mst2/mst2. Mst2 stocks are maintained by crossing heterozygous, mst2/MST2, male fertile plants to homozygous, Mst2, mst2/mst2, seed parents. Mst2 plants are fully female fertile, and flowers open, on average, a few hours earlier than MST2 plants.

See Image: Male sterile 2 (Mst2) Flower