Orange Yellow Petal, Dwarf

Orange Yellow Petal, Dwarf



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1-103 Orange Yellow Petal, Dwarf
One unit contains 100 seeds.

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Primary Traits Dwarf, Orange Yellow Petal
Genotypes dwf1/dwf1 - Dwarf Petite, oyp/oyp - Orange Yellow Petal
Phenotypes Dwarf, Orange Yellow Petal


Petals are a pale orange yellow. Best viewed in natural light.

Plants of stock 1-103 are dwarf, Dwf1, and are substantially shorter than standard, Rbr. Leaves, stems, and flowers are reduced in size. Plant hue is darker green than standard.

See Image: flowers on the left show pale orange petals. Flowers on right are the standard yellow hue of B. rapa. Note that Orange Yellow Petal is sometimes referred to as Pale Orange Petal.